Friday, March 29, 2013

'poscere fata               45
tempus' ait; 'deus ecce deus!'
‘Are you slow with your
vows and prayers, Aeneas of Troy, are you slow?’

'cessas in uota precesque,
Tros' ait 'Aenea? cessas? neque enim ante dehiscent
attonitae magna ora domus.'
‘The great lips of the House of Inspiration will not open without.’

                               -Virgil : The Aeneid Book VI

El Jaleo
                               for Ozma

Sibyl of the fortress fallen
to gain the light I sought
dark ran the dream duende
in whose footsteps she was caught

shadow-flame omega's mate
flowers forth from grief
not golden bough nor pearly gate
the bower of Love's belief

swept away our dance so brief
I thought it was a smile she gave
but it was the rose between her teeth