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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"... he showed me a copper door in the pavement, saying, "Here, if you please, we may go further down." We descended the steps, where it was exceeding dark, but the Page immediately opened a little chest in which stood a small ever-burning taper, wherefrom he kindled one of the many torches that lay by. I was mightily terrified ...
...Herewith I espied a rich bed ready made, hung about with curious curtains, one of which he drew, and I saw the Lady Venus stark naked...
... "Now, behold," said the Page, "when the tree shall be quite melted down, then shall Lady Venus awake and be the mother of a King."
   -The Hermetic Romance: or The Chymical Wedding. Written in High Dutch by Christian Rosencreutz. Translated by E. Foxcroft

"No sooner than she had thus given me her blessing by sprinkling and annointing me with sea-dew than I immediately found my mind clarified and my intelligence returning."
  -Francesco Colonna: Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, translated by Joscelyn Godwin

"Love rules the world, and typical of man's intensest, holiest love, I, Etidorhpa, stand the Soul of Love Supreme."
   -John Uri Lloyd: Etidorhpa

"Everything comes from you; you have yoked the world and you control all three realms.
You give birth to all, to everything in heaven, upon fruitful earth,
And in the depths of the sea..."
   - from Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite, translation by Apostolos N. Athanassakis

"'Tis thine the world with harmony to join, for all things spring from thee, O pow'r divine."
     - - from Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite, translation by Thomas Taylor

"The highest wisdom is to know nothing."
  -Brother Christian Rosenkreutz, Knight of the Golden Stone A.D. 1459.

To Aphrodite


Sublime Disquiet

O, that the shade of life should slip
flower fall, rainbow rip
that tide should turn from shore the ship
Beauty's ebb from truth
destiny erased from youth, and afterall
the all in all, aloof

far from certain, the sure revertin'
garbed behind a curtain
confounded by barbaric emblems and
bardic symbol, bounded
was it but a curse cast on current everturnings
whose high sign She sought
in the Library of Anthropological Yearnings?

entropy itself but ebb
eludes securing final debt
unlettr'd headstone on deluge swept
for Her teargas lingerie I wept



Which of the muses would admit a claim?
fool's gold/false unicorn
priz'd from torpid ores
this silence unsought.
Amateur. Pallbearer.
Let these lines be

Daughter of the skyfallen father
sire scythed
the Celestial Ocean's
Cytherean meerschaum
unmanned & holy
imbue the bone in water
the ardour'd sustenance of your star

To cavort with Her verses
I've fallen
coffin clothed
sewn Her oats
into my apron
and drawn the rapture in Her sinews
through odes not mine alone to moan

Mount me, She demanded
untapped veins
shaft unshook
sleeping slopes
never reaching the peak/peek

sure & supple star froth'd lips
rhyme w/in the chalice grips
while wave on waving furrow laps
here may all recollection lapse



there's a tremor in the blood
a seismic etching
whispering portents
a calligraphy of subtleties
to thirst after finer things

Thee unguttered cup!
Your April'd slipper of lilac dew infused
old undone dandelion sun
rejuvenate! resume pellucid overview

that I should violate my rhyme
with useless cant
wont to work my will & why not
swoon neath
my apostrophe

the trope of Love's apostle
no swollen apostate
gibbous Thee gland
of delight

-John Meador, Beltane 2014