Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"...to hear the thunder that rumbles in molecules, the mingling of prime & ultimate
      -Italo Calvino: The Castle of Crossed Destinies, 1973

" The initiated adept, who had successfully passed through all the trials, was attached, not
nailed, but simply tied on a couch in the form of a tau (in Egypt) ... plunged in a deep sleep
(the "Sleep of Siloam" it is called to this day among the Initiates in Asia Minor, in Syria, and
even higher Egypt). He was allowed to remain in this state for three days and three nights,
during which time his Spiritual Ego was said to confabulate with the "gods," descend into
Hades, Amenti, or Patala, (according to the country), and do works of charity to the
invisible beings, whether souls of men or Elemental Spirits; his body remaining all the time in
a temple crypt or subterranean cave. "
    -  The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky [[Vol. 2, Page]] 558

in memoriam
Daevid Allen
January 13, 1938 – March 13, 2015

The Sleep of Siloam

What temple is this? what home?
a wounded healer dreams
a house wherein once dwelled
a sleeper of Siloam

laid out on some board
sloping see\saw
precariously balanced
between this and
tipped teetering
upended, appended
no defamatory deposition this
vice versa!
this the curse overturned
Mr. Topsy Turvy
dancing mutatis mutandis
up the gangplank
that the soul ascend
to the undying star
where celestial barque sails

moonlit shaman
by silence trance-fixed
at your side satisfied
lays the longbow
sacrificed to fly
vision's arrow etched testament
buried|bourne in your breast
your hand grips now
to reveal
apprentice angling upward
his cry
this view from the quill