Wednesday, January 28, 2015


"So what is the the waste Land?  is the land where the myth is patterned by authority, not emergent of life;  where there is no poet's eye to see, no adventure to be lived, where all is set for all and forever: Utopia! Again, it is the land where poets languish and priestly spirits thrive, whose task it is only to repeat, enforce, and elucidate clichés."

"The Waste Land, let us say then, is any world in which (to state the problem pedagogically) force and not love, indoctrination, not education, authority, not experience, prevail in the ordering of lives, and where the myths and rites enforced and received are consequently unrelated to the actual inward realizations, needs, and potentialities of those upon whom they are impressed."
    -Joseph Campbell, Creative Mythology (Vol. IV of The Masks of God), p.388

"We are giving people a new identity and erasing the collective memory. We are rewriting the history books. Nothing was more important to our president than bringing peace to this war-torn country... peace, a lasting peace, that can only be achieved through strength, so in my first act as the new president, as the leader of this new government, of this new regime, we will begin immediately to deploy troops in the southern region. We will resume bombing in the jungle. There will be no more violence from the organized media. Real actual violence will take the place of manufactured violence. [FAST BUSY DIAL TONE] We will empty the prisons and we will build the football stadiums, and the evildoers from the prisons will be trampled by wild elephants, mauled by uncaged bears, and pecked to death by screaming eagles. [AIR RAID SIRENS BLARING] Furthermore, we will alert the rebel leaders that the negotiation's finished. There will be no more compromises, no more concessions, just complete and utter unequivocal surrender. We have learned a valuable lesson-- great nations do not fight small wars. There will be no more stupidity, no more mistakes. It's a new day. God help you all."

  -from the film: Masked & Anonymous ,2003 by Larry Charles & Bob Dylan

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